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"The root of difference in our society is based on our capacity to perceive different realities. Our reaction to it based on our capacity to understand and accept those realities."
Solutions 4

Solutions 4 is a specialist development organisation run from the North East of England that engages individuals and organisations across the United Kingdom in the resolution of work based and personal issues.

The organisation is run by Paul Bennett an experienced Human Resource professional who operates on a consultancy, training or counselling basis with clients.

If YOU are interested in developing links with Solutions 4 or if Solutions 4 can assist YOU in the achievement of YOUR personal or organisational objectives please contact Paul at the E- Mail address below.


Change and Your Organisation


From ideas come reality. From the past comes the future. From inner change comes outer change.

  • If I provide a safe environment for free thinking, then I should be able to move my ideas in to reality.
  • If I look at where I have been I can see some of the things which prevent me from going where I want to go in the future.
  • If I recognise a change in myself I can begin to change what lies outside of this.

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